I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for my problem, but I've been all over the internet and have found similar problems but no easy solutions. I'm running WIN 7 on my home pc and transferred some files via a Flash Drive to a laptop running XP Pro to go on a trip. Upon my return I update my home pc with the data from laptop/FD; I've done this with no problem many times. Upon my return this time my home pc will not recognize the FD. I've updated the driver, checked Disk Management, etc all to no avail. The FD isn't recognized and neither is a second FD I tried. They both work on the laptop. HELP...and thanks.

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Are any other USB devices being recognized in those ports?

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Are any other USB devices being recognized in those ports?

Does the physical disk appear in Disk Management?
Right-click on My Computer > Manage > Disk Management

try some other computers. .maybe you can.

Try diskmanagement if it is visible do a format.
If it doesn't shown try it with a friend's system.
type "diskmgmt.msc" in Run to goto Diskmanagement.

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