Hi. My neighbor just bought a computer from a coworker. It is a 2000 Gateway, that just last year had an upgrade to Windows XP Professional. She wanted to get dialup internet for now, so I called for her to get things set up. We found out by going into the control panel that there is no dialup modem. According to the books that came with the computer, there was a modem when they got it new. Could it be that when the previous owners had DSL that the dialup modem software was uninstalled? She has both backup discs and a restoration disc. Will either of these have what we need to reinstall the modem so she can get her dialup internet going? Sorry if I posted in the wrong section. ;) Thanks guys! :)


First off, check that there indeed is a modem present physically. Check the rear ports for the telephone RJ-45 sockets. If these aren't there, you donn't have a modem.

There are two sockets on the back of the computer, and the previous owner said when his family first got internet, they had dialup. They had high speed dsl before they sold it. Is it possible that whoever set up their high speed service uninstalled the modem? Also, we tried going out and buying a modem. Installed it, and the computer still doesn't detect a modem....yet it shows up in the programs that are installed. I uninstalled and installed again, but it didn't help. Any other ideas? Thanks! :)

Just wanted to let you know we found out some interesting things about this computer that she bought from a coworker that probably has a lot to do with the problems with it. The coworker said they had just done a $150 upgrade to XP Pro....well, come to find out, it was illegally installed!! And the computer is full of spyware. Right now it's at a computer shop having the original Windows 98 reinstalled, and hopefully that will reinstall the modem; and it's being cleaned of all the spyware. You would expect something like this from a stranger, but not from a coworker that you see and work with everyday and you mistake to be a "friend." Hopefully when she gets it back today it will be fixed and ready to go. Thanks again. :)

In defence of the co-worker ,they could have spent that money to have it upgrade and been ripped of by someone else !!!!

That is very true....that thought honestly didn't cross my mind...although from the way the coworker has been acting, as far as avoiding my neighbor and not wanting to return phone calls, it makes me suspicious. Just because if it were me, and someone had pulled that on me and then I sold my computer to someone else and then found out, I would have no reason to hide my face and not answer the phone calls......hopefully he didn't get ripped off like my neighbor did.