Dear colleauge:

I do have a problem in one of the Dell Pcs in my office. It is loaded with windows xp. It shows blue screen with and gives some information and go nowhere. The text writen in the blue screen is

"windows has been shut down to preventt damage to your computer

- there is no new hardward I mount to it
- No new software loaded.

I have started to log using "safe mode" and other modes using F12, but after showing the first windows xp window for few seconds, that blue screen will appear again with the same message.

please help me to tackle this problem, there is an infromation so urgent to be reported to the donors.



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Dear colleauge:

Thanx for the fast reply, I will try to read the site u give me



I have tried to follow the steps that u have forwarded last Friday, but the window installation couldn’t give me an option of repairing the system (“R). It shows me the available drives and provide me an option to partition, delete partition and quite only, NO repair.

After restarted the Pc with out the XP CD in it, It gives me a new message “Primary Hard Disk drive 0 failure Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility

I don’t know where to go from here.



Looks to me like you have damaged partition on your HD. There isn't much you can do except delete the partition, create new one and install the windows.

If the HD is to blame (hardware faliure) it will eventualy happend again, possibly HD will die for good.

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