Do the like the design of windows 8 or windows 7. Tell me the honest answer.

<M/> commented: 8, windows 8... +10

Ok my honest answer is.... Windows 7. If I wasnt honest, I'd say Windows 8.

However, if im not being honest then my answer about Windows 7 may be dishonest.

If I'm using Windows 7, then I'll enable the classic theme, and set up my taskbar so it looks like windows 95. I think that aero jazz is ugly.

If I'm using Windows 8, then I'll use classic shell to make it look like windows 95, and disable all that metro jazz.

I'm happy with Windows 8. Happier once the Start menu gets reintroduced, but honestly I don't see a huge difference. I don't know what all the fuss over the dashboard-thingy is all about.

I would say Window 8 just because it will live longer than Window 7.

With every new release of Windows, after dabbling around with the new features for a while, I invariably end up configuring the look and feel to a way that makes sense to me. The final result usually resembles Windows NT. Bring back the Start button!

Windows 8 and 8.1? I'm very disappointed with the direction Microsoft has gone, and their seeming unwillingness to listen to desktop users. They've invested a lot of effort into their new UI, and understand why they might want to persist with it, but there are some flaws in the design that seem ridiculous to me and I'm puzzled how they could get it so wrong.

Recently Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP, an OS that worked adequately for my needs, so I felt it was time to upgrade an old laptop. I managed to find a suitable replacement. It wasn't Windows 8.1, in fact it wasn't even a Microsoft product. Yay for Lubuntu!

I like them both, actually.

Who cares what I prefer, isn't it about which design you prefer?
If I was to get a new Windows PC then I'd go for Win 8.1 simply because it's architecturally superior.

I would suggest windows 8 because I use it and it works well and has a better user interface than windows 7

Once you get comfortable with the different user interface (which cost me a few hours at most), there's very little difference for all sense and purpose.

I would suggest windows 8 because I use it and it works well and has a better user interface than windows 7

Keep in mind that this is one user's opinion and was given with no explanation as to why the interface is "better".

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Honestly, I like them both but I will suggest you Windows 8 because it's design is very nice...if you want some more advantages and themes and wallpapers, etc. than Windows 8, 7 or the older versions then try Windows 8.1! Try it! It's more than an operating system!

if you want some more advantages and themes and wallpapers, etc

Default wallpapers and themes arn't a cause to update.

It's more than an operating system!

No it's not.

using windows 7.better than 8.
windows 8 about to die.

windows 8 about to die.

Please elaborate.

While this article isn't proof it does come from a respected source and is (IMO) spot on. Of course, that doesn't mean Windows 8 will "die" any more than any other previous version of Windows.

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