I have an odd problem that has had me tearing out my hair for days.

I get this error when attempting to access ANY Microsoft download site. I pass the validation check just fine, but then when I click the 'Download' button I simultaneously get two web pages, one a blank with this error, and one that says "Thank you for Downloading"

I consider myself a poweruser, so I'm not completely helpless. I have scanned, scrubbed, buffed and tanned every part of my system in search of a solution. There is a surprising lack of information on this problem on the web. from what I have found, it is related to SSL security perhaps? I have flushed my DNS cache, tried both IE 6.0 and Maxthon browsers, nothing.

Could I have a corrupted certificate? Is it possible to delete all certs and reinstall the default set again? (without having to reinstall Windows). Although, I have read that other people have the same problem and were not able to fix it with a reinstall.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

No love eh?

This is such a common problem, you'd think there would be a sticky on a tech site somewhere with a list of steps to take.

Or a program that checks everything for you.

I've been all over the web for countless hours and days, very little good info on this.

It can be caused by multiple things but a list of items to check would be great.