Recently I was downloading a file and halfway through the download stopped. After failing to resuming the download successfully I went to delete the half-finished torrent. The problem is, when I went to delete it I got this wonderful, meaningless error :cheesy: :


So, as overjoyed as I was, I went to go research this gorgeous gift from above and found this is mainly received when corrupt files are taken off a disk or something? Apparently a lot of these errors pop up when trying to copy a corrupt file. Yet I'm trying to delete it and I haven't found anything about that.

Please, if anyone has any idea how I can delete this space-wasting file off of my computer, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you for any all help you can provide!

Computer and File Details:

Windows XP, DELL, Downloaded w/BitComment as a "batch torrent", this problem occurs with files #8 and #9

It could be a virus if the source downloaded from is suspect. Have you tried going into safe mode to delete it. I would hit it with a virus and trojan scan.
I just noticed it is an avi. Years ago i ran across this problem in xp when I could not delete an avi. One of my boards instructed me to delete this registry key and I did. All was well. I have kept this info since then in case it happened again.


I agree with waycoolgal it is probably a virus. Also try a check disk this normally gets rid of corrupt files or fixes them.

thanks so much for all the help! :D