I was looking for a new CD-Key for one of my games yesterday, and since then all hell has broken loose. My computer has been running much slower, and I've been getting all types of Pop-Up ads and whatnot. I haven't been able to play games and am about ready to erase my hard drive and start from scratch. The only thing stopping me is the mass amount of games on it. I read a thread that someone else had, but I'm not sure it applies to me the exact same way.

I've gotten the same problem as PimpWhack. He had this image attached:

None of my antivirus programs picked anything up. It went right through Norton AV, Spyware Blaster, SpySweeper, and I'm running a scan with Moosoft's The Cleaner.

This "thing" also forcefully installed a SafetyToolbar on my computer. I went to Add/Remove Programs and uninstalled it the second I could. Some MS Dos window popped up, disappeared, and all problems started kicking in

Every time I open up my homepage, which is Google.com, it reroutes me to another site. Here are some images of the problem.


Could someone help me?

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Already posted in correct forum - Virus forum.

And because you have the same problem in multiple forums, I'll be closing this one.

Thanks. :)

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