Hello everybody,

a friend of mine has recently acquired a Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE. On it are Win ME and Win XP Pro SP2 installed. The OSes are on two separate partitions.
She has neither of the OS CDs and would like to uninstall Win ME. I don't use Windows :rolleyes: , last wintel machine I had was 7 years ago, so I don't know how it is done these days. I have however some computer proficiency.
If anybody could be please so kind as to explain how it is done if it is possible ?

Thank you.

This is dificult as she does not have either operating system. If all she is wanting to do re-claim the hard drive space back from the Windows ME install, I would just run the hard drive in Windows XP, select the partitioned drive where Windows ME is located, right click on it, and format it. This will clear the whole of this partition and leave it free for Windows XP. Their is a cautionary note here though, and that is to MAKE SURE that no programmes in Windows XP use this hard drive for anything, otherwise you will find that they do not work anymore, but you should be ok. That happening would be very rare! If you want just one partition though, then this is more difficult! You need Disk Repartitioning software (for example Partition Magic.) This, unfortunately I have never used so I cannot say how efficient it is or how it works, but just a re-format of the Windows ME hard disk should work! Hope this helps!!