Anyone can help me why my system unit do have a power while my monitor do not have? I'll check the power cord and cables in it is ok... the problem is my monitor still have a message :"No power or cable disconnected"..

pls help...

I think you just have a connection problem. There probably isn't anythign really wrong with your computer. The plug between you Monitor and the powers source is probably broken. Try usuing a different monitor and if it works than you'll know. If it still doesn't work than I don't know what to tell you. Call the electric company maybe. Just kidding. Let me know if you've tried a different monitor or what you've tried so far.

If your monitor is displaying the "no signal/connection" message then there is power to the monitor or else you wouldnt see that message, Check the cable going from the back of the monitor into the back of the PC, it may look something like this. Make sure it is connected. if it is you may have a dead video card.

I think he's got a point. If you can see the message it's definitely got power. So definitely check your graphics card. It could be dead just like he said. Nice observation. Still, if you want any help on this we're gonna kind of need to know what you've tried so far, or else we're just going to be taking stabs at the dark. Any more info you can give us on the subject?