Ever since installing internet security 2006 my computer has revolted against me.
More recently I brought my comouter to my country house and attempted to Dial up via Earthlink. Internet was fine but I could not send /recive messages via Outlook.

Brought my Laptop home and tested my dial up here. My computer froze completly. after 6 attempts and 3 different acess numbers I called in my IT person to figure it out.
She cleaned up my hard drive and disabled all my Norton except Anti-Virus. Everything seemed to be in order.

This past weekend I went to Florida and tried to Dial up (Earthlink) my computer Froze again! I had double checked that only anti-virus was running before I left.
I got ERROR: 619 once and the other times the computer just froze everytime I attempted to dial up!

Yesterday while back in the city I had my assistant check her dial up (she runs Norton Ant-Virsu only) and my Dial up here at home
Both computers were fine!

Why is dial up working in one state and not the other?
Has this happened to anyone else?
What can I do! This is throughly affecting my business!

I can't speak for your country house, and these things are difficult to diagnose without seeing them anyway, but you may have plugged in to a digital phone line in Florida with an analog modem. If that is the case, and I'm not certain it is, you could be lucky your modem didn't get toasted. That has happened to some people.

As far as a resolution goes, if your problems started when you installed Norton, then maybe you should consider an uninstall and a different internet security product. I have to say though, I use Norton Internet Security 2006 on four home computers, and they all work perfectly. However, no two installations are exactly the same, and others have experienced similar problems with Norton.

By the way, you didn't say what operating system, e-mail client, and browser you were using.