First - thanks to all that helped me clean up the IESEARCH and CWS and blank pages - GREATLY APPRECIATED!

I have another PC that my sone uses more than anyone else and I think he went someplace he probably should not have (at least not yet anyway). In any case, there were a number of pop-ups, etc. I did run Adaware and Spybot S&D which seemed to clean out a lot, but also installed CYBERSITTER. It prevents him from going places he shouldn't and filters out things he should not see. It also sends me a report of all of the places he has been as well as his aol chat sessions.

When I look at the log, I see that the system is trying to send out words such as "pussy", "fuck", "balls", "shit", etc. I'm assuming that it is trying to send it to some type of search engine so that it can come back with inappropriate pages, etc.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? WOuld you suggest a HijackThis posting? Anything that could help would be appreciated.

Thanks again
- - Aaron

Actually, posting the full cybersitter log first would be more helpful than an HJT log. The CS log should have more detailed info which could tell us exactly what's going on.