If this is the wrong forum for posting this I am sorry. Everytime I open IE the window is very small sized?? Is there anyway to change the actual window size because some sites I go to do not allow you to maximize?? any help would be appreciated!!


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Hi Heidi719,

This does actually sound more like a general Internet Explorer issue rather than something caused by malicious infections, so I'm moving this to our Web Browser forum now. You should get more "eyeballs" on your question in that forum.


I'm going to suggest something, although I don't believe it will help much. However, anything is worth trying. Windows (depending on the version) is supposed to remember the window size that you leave the application in. So, after opening IE, before you go to any web pages, try maximizing IE, minimizing it and then maximizing it again. If it then fills the screen, then exit and restart.

Good luck, if this doesn't do anything, make sure you come back here because tomorrow there will be lots of people to help...

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this helped me!

When you maximize the window, as Zeroth suggested, instead of using the X to exit, go to File, and select Close; the next time you open IE, it should come up full-screen.

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