So I got a different version of Windows that I bought at school, and now it loaded fine on the laptop, its dont Collecting Information, Dynamic Update, Preparing Installation, and Nw its on the blue windows screen at Installing Windows, and a message came up saying "Insert Windows Professional Service Pack 2 Disk, the file 'asms' on Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 CD is needed." Type the path where the file is located, and then click enter." And it has A:\ (useless since theres no floppy drive) and D:\l386 (I guess just any CD). I downloaded the 266mb service pack 2 .exe and put it on a CD, and when I put it in the drive it doesn't recognize the disk (D: disappears from the drop down menu and only A: is available) Is there a special way the raw .exe has to be setup prior to adding it to a disk for it to work during installation from the CD? I used basic windows cd burning to upload, not Nero or Roxio or anything like that although the windows burning program says its based off Roxio. Thanks.

For some godforsaken reason, I restarted the computer like 5 times and it found the drivers, something is messed up with the D drive I believe. I'm trying to install Norton, and it won't recognize the disk but my laptop does just fine. Think the drivers need to be updated or something? Also, I'm trying to install a Linksys LCS206512267 USB Etnernet port for the internet, but I don't have the driver disk here. I downloaded them and put them on a jump drive and on her laptop, but when it asks for the drivers it says it cant find them in either location, must they be on a CD? Thanks.