This should be a simple thing..I hope :confused: But cant find any information on the net. Im running a windows 2003 server with AD and thought it would be nice that when the users log on that they would get a welcome screen like this : Welcome to "domainname" "user". Like this = Welcome to windows2003 John.
Is it at all possibe ;)

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You can't get the logon screen in Srver 2003...it just isnt there. 2003 will revert to the classic logon screen.

Thanks for the answer but i think you missunderstood.

Like this : the user starts his windows xp computer and come to the logon screen. He gives in the username and password for the domain. When he logon to the server (windows 2003) he would get a text box saying welcome to "domain" "user" .
I have an thouht that it may can be done in VBScript but mayby I am wrong in that.

Have a nice day


i said this earlier.

In the registry on the clients (i think you can use remote registry from the win2k3 server to edit all of them at once rite?) there is a key called "welcomemessage" or something like that, its there somewhere



This is a group policy setting. Not having a W2003 Server to hand to give exact settings >>

Start the Group Policy snap-in from the Active Directory Users and Computers console.

I believe, you will find it as follows within the console tree>>

User Configuration > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options

Right Hand Side - "Interactive Login: Message Title for Users attempting to Log on".

It's in there somewhere, sorry I can't be more presise.

Local Clients, (XP Pro), you can use either secpol.msc or gpedit.msc, similarly found, for anyone interested. Theres plenty of fun to be had.

Regards, David.

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