undefinedHey i have that same problem did you ever figure it out...I would greatly appriciate it thanks

Hello there,

Since a few days I have this Windows message error I'm not able to get rid of that says:

(it's not IExplorer!!! but Exploring you know the tree structure where you can see all your folders)
"This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.
If the problem persists, contact the program vendor."

If I click the details button this is what I have; EXPLORER caused an exception 01H in module SHDOCVW.DLL at 017f:7172022e.
EAX=0122f9ff CS=017f EIP=7172022e EFLGS=00000686
EBX=0000ac01 SS=0187 ESP=0122f9ec EBP=0122fa10
ECX=0043acac DS=0187 ESI=71749fb8 FS=5ab7
EDX=01c3eeb2 ES=4dbe EDI=0043c734 GS=4cce
Bytes at CS:EIP:
04 ec 05 ff 00 0c ec ec ec 6d 6d 13 0a fd fd ec
Stack dump:
0122f9f8 0043c734 00000000 bff7ffff 00430000 bff7b4d5 817773b8 00000001 00000002 0122fa4c 717160c6 0043ac6c 00000002 0043c734 00000824 0043acb4

Impossible to close this box but I can drag it out of my way. Impossible to open any files with Exploring.

Any clue to solve this problem I have?

Best regards,

I'm sorry for my poor english,

Jean-Franį¯Šs, from Montreal (Canada)