Ok so I go and delete my cookies,temp Internet files,ect. and then got to thinking huh I've never used system restore lets see If It even works It did I restored It to the last day but then realized that It restored the temp files and cookies and all so It didn't actually delete the files because they were able to be restored so where In the world do they go after u delete them :!: If someone knows please post I'd love to know!!:eek:

They are deletec in the format process, then new ones are brought from the restore disc set.

But how do u delete them permanently??????????

But how do u delete them permanently??????????

to quote a old Canadian tv commercial, the answer is, AWAY!

The above post about gone in format is a questionable answer.

I do believe that they will be deleted when you shutdown and restart computer ,i think they are only deleted to memory that is dumped on reboot ,i could be wrong .
also when in IE go to tools/internet options/advanced/scroll down to security ,and check off ,delete temporary internet file when browser is closed

They are deletec in the format process, then new ones are brought from the restore disc set.

Err??!! There was no format, and no- Temp files are not "brought from the restore disc set". Cookies, and Temp/Temporary Internet files are accumulated in the normal usage of your computer and in normal Web surfing. The files are not deleted unless you run Windows' Disk Cleanup utility, a similar third-party program such as ATF-Cleaner or CCleaner, or if you set your system's options as caperjack suggested. Once you do delete the files, they are, as caperjack said, gone- *Poof*.

System Restore (which is not to be confused with a reformat/reinstall) may restore some of those temporary files. Specifically, it restores those files which existed on the system at the time the restore point was saved. That is, it does not restore temp (or any other) files which were created after the date/time of the restore point.

Is it possible to print out a copy of all or part of the temporary internet files before deleting them, and if so, how?

seem like you are now getting good advise, here is a trick, to delete internet temp file u have to do one of two things, use disk clean up or do it in safe mode. then empty the recycle bin. if system resoter is turned on at the time of deleting them, if you restore they will come back. turn off system restore, delete then empty the recycle bin. then restart. turn on system resore then creat restore point that you will regognize and one without tem files. so if u ever neeen to restore to that point bam.....no temp file

now as for printing i assume you are talking about a list of the temp file. right??? if so use a screen shot program. snagit is a good one.

"...print out a copy of..." Urk. TIF are the webpages you've visited, pages you've downloaded... some ppl leave the folder size setting as determined by windows setup, you could be talking 100+ MB of data. And most webpages for ease of editing/rebuilding are built up from 100's of individual items.. an individual TIF may just be a gif image of a yellow line, or a silly little pattern of dots or... to get the idea just open your TIF folder, dclick on a few image files and you will see what I mean.
Please don't print them out, cos I love trees.
Note that word in their name: Temporary.