I have a PC im working on with an extremely slow boot time, it gets past windows logo, but when the desktop loads we're seeing times of 3-6 minutes....WOW. task manager shows a very high pf usages and the processes....... are .......well...... over 220, most of which are LDdrives.exe, which i beleive to be legit. Other pc's who don't have this problem also have this process but only one instance. After a couple of minutes the process level drops to 34 or so. Any Idea's? This is a pc with NO anti-virus. which is how i found all this out when failing to install.

A couple of things to try, defrag the hdd, download AVG, Spybot S&D, Adaware, and see if you have any infections. How much free space do you have on the hdd?

I would also help if you include the specs for this computer, make, model, amount of RAM...

I gave most of those a try, and even though ad-aware, spybot, and winclam removed somethings i still couldn't install the software i needed to. Only so much time can pass before you cut your losses and re-burn the machine

There is a lot to be said for wiping the drive and doing a reinstall, and it's not that much of a problem if you have everything organized. Then you get to enjoy that quickness that only a new install provides. I would only suggest that you wipe the drive rather than a low level format, this will overwrite your problems.