I have installed a nextra hard drive and it worked fine to begin with. then I installed linux on the second hd. I left half of the hd (4.5 gb) for more windows files. I named this partition e:\ and I can access the hd by typing in the address bar, but there is no icon for it in "my computer". In windows where I specify a location (ie: default music folder in itunes) I can't access the e:\ drive because there isn't an address bar. Anyone know of anything I can do to get it in the "my computer" folder?

I don't know the presise reason for you not being able to see it in My computer but even if you could you wouldn't be able to access this partition because of the security permissions set by the other OS.

Still I could be wrong and you should use c:\WINDOWS\system32\compmgmt.msc to see what your HDD(s) are doing. You want disk management from the mmc.

thing is, I can access the partition; the linux os doesn't hinder that. I have placed files and can access files from that partition, named e:\. It just doesn't have an icon in "my computer".

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