Hello all, last month I restarted my computer and it would not start up. It kept restarting and would eventually come to the "safe mode" screen. I kept it turned off till the next afternoon and started it up and it worked fine. Two days ago it did it again. A program was not working so I restarted it and it would not start up. I disabled the auto-restart and tried it again. A blue screen came up saying there was a problem and would not allow windows to start and listed "DRIVER_CORRUPTED_MMPOOL" and gave some tech info (0xXXXXXXX I can post these if needed). I failed to find the driver in C:windowsdrivers in safe mode. There were drivers here. I restarted it and selected safe mode with networking to find this website. Check the drivers again and now there are gone. Using safemode with networking I am able to sometimes get online. I turned it off yesterday and started it up today and for the most part it works ok. The only thing I notice that is different is one of my hard drives' icons is now replaced by a wireless flash drive icon. I was going to use the recovery program and reset it, but thought someone here might know what is going on instead. Since the last time it happened, I have restarted my computer about 3-4 times and this is the second time it has happened.
Any help will be appreciated. Sorry for the long post-trying to be specific.

you can check the error number on internet. or start from floppy to check hard drive. i faced similar problem last year and replaced a hard drive. it works well now.