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Soory my question was not excatlly up to piont.Actually my need changed.I have to open an excel file in a different computer which is in network by giving a command from my computer.That excel has to open not in my system but in the system where actually the excel file is.ie i m using system 'A' and there is a excel file in system 'B'.I want to open that excel file in system 'B' itself by giving a command from system 'A'.Is that is possible using a DOS command or batch file or is there is any other method.


I guess.

Not too sure, it would help if the user has their firewall turned off and you probably need administrator rights.

If that's the case you could use the at command to add a scheduled task that will open up the excel file.

at [ipaddress of computer you want] [time] [path to application]


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