Hello everyone

I'm using Windows Server 2003 and would like to force all my users (XP Pro) to be logged off after logon hours expire.

The problem is that after logon hours have expired, logged on users remain logged on. They will not be logged off automatically by the system, instead they'll be denied log on only if they log off or try to log on after logon hours.

Does anyone know how I can force the users to log off automatically after logon hours have expired?

Thanks a lot,

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OK -

1. I've read the first link and it is the definite answer!

The short answer would simply be:

Under a Group Policy Object -
"Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Network security: Force logoff when logon hours expire"

2. The "shutdown /i" link is amazing!
I know the "shutdown" command and use it often, but the "/i" utility is just beautiful!

So thanks again! :cheesy:

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