Hi everyone, as you read I recently got a
"STOP: c000021 Unknown Hard Error\SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll"

I read other posts about this error being caused by installing a new OS or some other format change, but my situation is a tad more... primitive. The basic situation that caused this error was my computer toppling off my bed unto my hard floor and either something broke or short-circuited after that.

(1) The damage didn't look autrocious except for the right side of the computer where the CD drive and floppy drive are; (2)the base sort of separated from the top layer. (3)Turning it on, the computer is fine booting up and allowing me to look at BIOS setup and Boot Menu, but after the screen says it is loading Windows 2000, the blue screen pops up with the error. (4) I then pushed the base and the top layer back together and tried again, but the same error came up.

(5) Afterwards I opened up my computer, and I didn't see anything disconnected or snapped in two so I was hoping everything would be ok once I put it back together, but the same error still pops up.

So basically, is my computer absolutely dead? or does it simply need a new hard-drive/OS/etc? Judging from the other threads I read I am a little worried about this ending with me no longer having a laptop, but want to hear what you guys think at least before I bury it somewhere in my front yard (I won't really bury it, but it will still be sad if it dies).

Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice. =)

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the first thing which is came to my mind - the file ntdll.dll is corrupted. You can download it here and simply copy to your drive.

also read more here about you problem.

Thank you for the help, I will try it out =)

Question though, I noticed that the microsoft forum was talking about windows xp. I am running windows 2000 on a fujitsu computer so... hopefully it is the same? I will try anyways, and thanks again for the help =)

It's possible you broke a trace on the circuit board.

I know that involves the circuit board somehow, but it doesn't sound good. If that's the case, is my computer fried?

I there!
I'm having same error when I restar the computer shows this error

c00021 ... UNKNOWN HARD ERROR ... ntdll.dll

I have to say it: the computer was failing before that,
I have to enter setup to recognize the hard drive....

After I installed Win XP, the computer was showing this error every now and then, when I tried to restart, and often I have to enter Windows in safe mode.

I have not tried to test the memory modules, but I did this yesterday:
I have 2 hard drives
- Cable IDE 1 - Hard drive and CD - ROM Drvie
- Cable IDE 2 - Secondary hard drive

I have doubled the IDE cables to make the slimmer, maybe I got it damaged? .. I took of the CABLE IDE 1 and whit another regular cable IDE,

I connected both hard drives in the same, 'new' IDE Cable
and I left alone the CD - ROM Drive
(it is a very old CD - ROM drive )

After this, I was restarting the computer frecuently and like in an hour or so, the computer did not show the error.

I am reading here and ther about this error, and I have in mind this possible solutions:
- install a Windows XP without service pack
- install WXP in another hard drive , then clone it + boot sector tho the original hard drive
- test the memory modules
- change the hard drive ... ?

For what you're saying, the fall of the computer, maybe and just maybe it could be only a damaged hard and/or IDE cable,

So, tell the world :)
Did you fix the problem ? How ?

PD Sorry for my bad english :P

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