I've been having trouble reinstalling XP Pro on a raid drive. Went to upgrade bios and kapoof, no bios, no computer...dead.

Asus K8V-SE Delux. Is this the end or can it live again?
Thanks for any experience with this problem.

Is this the end.

heh, i bet it felt like it.
POWER OFF AT THE WALL [pull the plug], inside the case ground yourself by touching the metal framing with both hands, pull the CMOS battery and swap the jumper - check your instruction book if you have one, or got to the Asus site if you don't know where it is, otherwise just leave the battery out while you have lunch. Replace the jumper after, oh, 20 secs, and the battery. BIOS's have a bit of programming inside which cannot be flashed like the CMOS.... you restore it to that by killing the CMOS coding.
The thing should start when you power up. Now try a flash again from Asus. If for some reason you cannot get online with the pc a floppy flash should be available.

Thanks so much gerbil for you quick and helpful response. Unfortunately, the computer hums and purrs, but nobody's home to post. Is there another experiment or is another mobo in order? I've spent most of three days on this. thanks again.

So you removed that jumper, set it to clear position? and nothing? does the floppy drive start if you load a floppy in it b4 power on? If so, dl a flash file, unzip it onto a floppy, insert it and see what happens when you power the thing up. Or try a thumb drive....
And now i'm out of ideas. Get the CMOS reloaded by a tech or take the opp to upgrade your mobo.
Someone else in here is sure to know more....