Hello people,
I have one interesting problem and need your advices.
A few days ago, my friend called me and asked for help. He said he had problem with internet connection. It is old computer 400 Mhz on which win98 is installed and he use dial-up just like me. Problem was strange: after few minutes (5-10) internet traffic just stop. Connection is still active (computer is connected) but send/receive traffic just stop in internet browser. In the same time it is possible to ping www.google.com or similar. His antivirus was up to date and I solved problem by installing ZoneAlarm firewall.
Yesterday, I turnd off my firewall (ZoneAlarm too) and experienced similar thing. I have winXP+sp2, my antivirus is also up to date and no viruses are detected. I just wonder if maybe some new internet worm is actual, but didn't find anything new on forums. Problem is solved by turning on the firewall. No file transfer occured between our two computers.
Did anyone have similar experience?

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Yeah....i had that twice........but it was a little different. The first one....My DSL modem was blinking the usual lights......I turned on my PC...(Smae 400mhz except win xp sp2) I went to use the internet and I got the error code. I was amazed..it tuned out my Modem was pooched...


Oops forgot about the second one.....well the same thing happened and it tuned out I had a BIOS virus that didn't boot my ethernet card when I started my computer. Anyways

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