So much fun is the DST that i'm about to cry. Worked a 12 yesterday to make up for what microsoft failed to repair in their own programs and am here again today on my 9th hour trying to figure out how to fix Outlook for my employee's.

The lowdown:
Exchange 2003 SP2
AD environment obviously
Client PC's = Win 2000 and XP
Problem: Needing to run an exe to users locked out of install privs

Ok so the simple way to describe the situation.
I need my employee's to run an exe microsoft has released to fix their calander settings to be compatable with DST. I have the exe from microsoft but the problem is it's a self extracting EXE and I am not allowed to give my employee's install privs.

The obvious answer is write a batch script with a "run as" to run in login script. However, i need their names to be the one actually running the program so that their exchange mail box is the one that is being updated.

Having 2000 boxes doesn't make this situation any easier seeing as a batch script is the only way to fit a "Run as" command or a "GP Update"

So currently i'm looking at writing a script that says
Add as part of local admin
GP update
run exe
remove from local admin
GP update

anyone have a cleaner idea on how to do this?