For some reason IE isnt working yet Limewire is so the internet connection is working. Whenever i try to get into IE it says the page cannot be displayed and when i run the diagnostic tool it says

"Windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP,HTTPS,or FTP. This is probably caused by firewall settings on this computer

Check the firewall settings for the HTTP port(80),HTTPS port (443) and FTP port(21)"

i am not sure about how to change the firewall settings either

It sounds to me like you have a spyware issue! Try logging into your computer via safe mode to see if IE works. To log into safe mode:

1)Repeatedly hit the f8 key while your computer is booting up
2)Select "Safe mode with networking"

Let me know if you can get into safe mode and if IE works. I own a small IT company in Michigan and we have remote support capabilities if you need the problem fixed ASAP.

i tried what you said but it still said the same thing even when in safe mode any other ideas?

- IE may be set to the wrong internet access device (e.g. dial up, when you have dsl).

- The IE security settings may be set so strict that you can't log in.

- The ISP may be down, or its DNS server is down.

- If you are not the superuser for your computer, the superuser may have blocked you from using for some reason (too much goofing off at work).

Just check windows Firewall or any other firewall to see that you have access to Internet Explorer. If Internet Explorer is denied then select Allow.

Is IE the only affected one?.

Try to scan your computer for malcious software, Viruses or Spywares with a security.

Hope this works.