I just purchased a computer from a place that sells refurbished PCs and laptops. The computer, however, does not appear to work.

When I turn this computer on, I get a message right after the Dell blue screen at start up that reads as follows:

"strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility"

The computer doesn't move past this screen. If I press F1 as instructed, it doesn't reboot but simply beeps and repeats the above "strike F1..." message on the line below.

I contacted the store that sold the computer to me, and they said that I should 'try installing Windows'. Apparently, buried in the fine print of their Terms and Conditions is a statement that PCs may or may not come with an operating system!

My question is, should I go ahead and purchase a Windows 2000 Pro cd (a license for this OS came bundled with my PC -- there's a sticker on the side of the PC with a Product Key on it) and just install it myself? If so, should I get an OEM version or a retail version of Windows 2000 Pro?

I am looking for the least expensive route possible, as I already paid quite a bit for the PC.

Boot into your install disk and install from there. You can use a Linux live cd too... I like the Ubuntu live cd.

on the dells to get it to boot from the CD at the blue dell bit hit F12 and choose Cdrom

Thanks for getting back to me so soon :lol:

I actually didn't get a Windows 2000 Pro cd with my computer -- just the license/product key sticker.

Should I just purchase an OEM Windows 2000 Pro cd and use my product key to install it? Will this work on my PC?

A lot of Dell Systems have an Image Restore option built into them. When you see the Dell Logo on screen, hold down CTRL and then start tapping F11. This should initiate a PC Restore and will return the system to factory settings.

If the computer is a refurbished unit they may have wiped the hdd which means that the OS is gone. Since you have the product code you could call M$ and see if they came help you out since "your OS has become corrupted and you have lost you CD", wink nod.

Yup yup yup. That is an option, since the COA is still on the tower.

heck, u have the license, u have the key, just borrow a copy of 2000 from a mate. The cd, i mean.