So I got the blue screen again, last time it was video card drivers, now speakers I think cause my speakers suddendly stopped working, I have Dell speakers, dunno anything else, please help me check so I can download drivers or give me advice. Thanks!

how much memory you got and how many sticks.

Specs also on computer.

My PC, Dell Dimension 9200 360 gigs, 1gb ddr ram, nVidia GeForce 7300LE, what do you mean how many sticks? how do I check that?

Open the case and see how many sticks of RAM is in it.

Does your speakers work on another PC if they do could be you your sound drivers if it is integrated.

how do i check drivers?

Check your speakers first on another pc.

Kk, speakers work fine, tried them on a PSP. What now?

I'd like to add that when i plug in my headphones I cant hear a thing either.

Check the following:

- Virus or spyware
- Static electricity affecting computer
- Damaged or replaced driver file (installed something else that has its own version)
- Two pieces of software fighting for control of the soundcard.
- Installed software changed settings (check your audio mixer)
- Loose card in the computer
- Bad memory stick
- Bad video card
- Bad soundcard