Cannot delete rename move copy cut file there are no optinos to do it.. like a normal file u right click and u get a pop up with move copy rename delete etc...Its a movie file mpeg and when i right click... it just says: play . que-it-up . add to playlist . open with.... and send to options...i really wana delete it its taking up a good bit of space 1,200 mb... one of the lord of the rings movie ....and i need that space rite now but i dont kno how im going to get this file deleted ... AAARRGGHH!! ... HELP PLZ

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Use the File menu in My Computer.

Select the file. Then open File and selct Delete.

Nope still did not work tried it alot the file just stayed there ...then i selected 2 other normal files like a picture and a song and tried whaqt you told me to do again but it came up with windows explorer error and also a Post Mortom ....Dr.Watson error... garhh

and also if this helps i opened the folder my documents which the mpeg file is in with WINRAR and under the column for all the file types it says its a system folder ..file type why would that happen

Use cmd.exe. Go run, type cmd and Enter, and then navigate to the folder using chdir, and then type del this sucker. Do it in safe mode.. not to be any safer but cos no processes would be using it there - no handles to it. Or go get Unlocker.
What does the drwatson log show? \windows\drwatson\drwtsn32.log - drag it into a blank notepad.

Move everything out of the folder that isn't this file and then delete the folder the file is in and empty the recycle bin.

Hey.....Don’t you seen how much old these post....
Oh....Sorry. perhaps you don’t know about it..

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