every time i try and use IE it crashes every time i try to uninstall it. It crashes

any help:(

bondi 007

same. IE7 sucks. I had to install it as daniweb hated IE6 but now I get stupid little things that say "error x000fff memory cannot be "read" " and it all closes down ;( and i cant uninstall it either, maybe because i dont have system restore on :(

You can use this utility to fix your internet explorer but I don't think it has been updated to include IE7 support. Anyways let's check it out..

all that tool does is runs sfc /scannow. tried it. doesnt fix it.

so i dont have a system restore
cd drive doesnt read xp
so what shall i do i tried to install firefox but it blanked me and didnt do nothing
i tried downgrading it didnt work

is there any other suggestions
because it sucks
also on my mates when i close it down it also crashes but mines worse it doesnt let me even use it

please help
bondi 007:(

Use Linux! :)

What you COULD do. is; if you have Linux knowledge.
Run a live CD (such as Ubuntu).
Mount the windows HDD from ubuntu,
browse the internet. download firefox for windows and save it to the windows HDD.

Then you can boot up windows and you'll have firefox there. And all your IE problems should be fixed.

If you're not familiar with Linux. get Firefox on CD/Flash drive from another machine. and put it on that way.

PS: IE7 can be uninstalled from Add/Remove programs, after doing so IE6 will become active again.


Thats a silly plan. he just said that firefox doesnt want to install.

B: you have obviously never used linux before either or you would know that writing to an NTFS partition can lead to total loss of data!

C: its no solution, some people like IE

D: You cannot add/remove IE6 if system restore is not on without totally buggering your install

I've been using Linux for a very long time jbennet. and i've never had any issues with writing to a NTFS file system.
Most of the reading/copying done in Slackware. No issues arised.

risky. reading is safe. Writing can easialy corrupt the NTFS filesystem information. Thats why most distros dont natively support it (as well as the patent issues)

We will wait and see. :)

jbennet is right writing in ntfs will corrupt data ive tried it before i tried installing ubuntu but it just loaded up a command prompt no gnome desktop

is there any sensible solutions not corrupting my data

bondi 007

did sfc /scannow fix it?

no tried it and it just didnt do nothing the laptop is pretty old and it wont install stuff like firefox

any help
bondi 007:)

Sounds like it's pretty nacked then.
I recommend formatting the drive and reinstalling your OS.

it doesnt recognise the xp disk is there any way to format it and reinstall my os

bondi 007:)

not if it doesnt recognise the disk

is the bios set to boot from cd?
is the drive bootable?
is the cd good?

sounds pretty nacked.
i recommend just formatting and reinstalling the OS.

and he just said it wont recognise the xp cd!

bios set to boot from cd
cd works on all my computers
and what do you meen is the drive bootable?
one thing tho the cd is a copy
all i want to do is use if for the internet and e-mail

bondi 007

is it an old pc?

some old pcs (like pre 2001) dont boot from the windows cd, you need a floppy

the cd doesnt autorun and when i tried windows 2000 with all the floppys the floppys worked but it said the cd might be damaged but it works fine on my freinds pc

where do i get a boot floppy for windows xp pro sp2

or is there any other suggestions

bondi 007 :)

theres like 8 boot floppies. check ms's site.

but what about if it doesnt read the disk could i take the hard drive out and put it in an enclosure install a new version of xp from my computer and take it out and put it back in the laptop

could i

bondi 007:-/

maybe. it works on some machines but not others (the change in hardware is too much). DO NOT activate it when you install it on the other PC. Windows can only be activated on a limited amount of different handware configs

sorry i dont get you so can i take the hard drive out or not

sorry for me being such a noob

bondi 007:confused:

every time i try and use IE it crashes every time i try to uninstall it. It crashes

any help:(

bondi 007

IE sucks:)

I had the same problem and i installed firefox.. Yea some pple like IE coz they havnt used firefox or simply dont knw the difference with IE but trust me firefox is the best browser i have used. Download firefox and see if it will crash.

commented: read the damn post -3

so what shall i do i tried to install firefox but it blanked me and didnt do nothing

princekool , can you actually read?????
he said that firefox doesnt install! and besides, installing firefox doesnt fix the problem it merley gets around it. And firefox isnt the best browser, its got just as many holes as IE has IMHO.

oh sorry jbennet, had not seen that he said firefox doesnt install....n btw i said firefox is the best browser i have used, dint say its the best.. dont get me wrong there..

so what do i do

bondi 007:)

sorry princekool, i was a bit harsh :)

anyway, bondi007, you may have to force an IE reinstall. I know that there is a set of command line switches to force upgrade/downgrade/deinstall of windows updates. I dont have these to hand, they are somewhere on Microsofts Site.