I have a dell c400 laptop running windows XP.

When ever it performs a windows update it freezes.

THe problem seems to be wmiprvse.exe which uses 100 percent of my CPU.

Just wondered if anyone else has this problem or can give me some help.

Recently i told it by accident not to install some updates but due to this freezing issue I have not been able to get to a stage where I can re install them. Just thought i'd throw that in.


I have had the same thing happen on my Sony Vaio Laptop running Windows XP. It happened about a month ago. I followed this tutorial:


I thought that fixed it for good, but it happened again last night. It's either wmiprvse.exe or svchost.exe that uses 100% of the cpu.
There is also a hotfix from Microsoft that I tried last night. I ran it, then went to sleep... by this morning, my laptop said it needed to update, so I let it... it restarted and then everything worked fine.

The hotfix can be found here: