I'm looking for some help on setting up a win2k3 server. I'll be living in a frat. house next year and me and friend wanna hook up wireless and a server for files to share over the internal network in the house. I have an old windows box with a AMD Athlon 3200 processor and such. I also have a valid copy of win2k3. Does anyone know a good place where i can look and learn about setting up the server.

I was also wondering anyone had any ideas on a good secure wireless network. I can maybe run authentication on the server and so on so that would make it quite secure.




If you wanted to buy a book on the subject (it's a bit Old Skool I know), but Microsofts "Pocket Administrator's Consultant" are great OS guides. The WS2003 version ISBN is 0-7356-1354-0. Cost $29.99 according to the back of my copy, but maybe cheaper these days.

For a Web Link, I would head over to MS Technet.


Setting up a Domain on WS2003 is a really good idea, to make network access easy, using the server to provide authentication to all PC's on your network. But it doesn't work with XP Home (not sure about Vista versions), which maybe a problem in your Frat House.

I'm not too sure if Broadband is the same in other countries as UK, but I imagine your standard Broadband Wireless Router would be perfectly sufficient for your requirements.

The NSA have some great security guides at


but probably over the top for your requirements. But useful if you have an interest in the subject.

Regards, David

Yea, all our laptops/computers are ghosted by the school so we all run XP Pro. Authentication should work with all of them. I think there is a switch that we get our internet from the school on and so i can hook up the server there. Or set up an independent wireless network for pulling music and files off whenever it's needed.