I just recently moved to a hotel for an internship for the summer. A few days after I got to my room I noticed that after a while for some reason McAfee was automatically turned off. I would get a pop up saying my computer is at risk because Virus protections is turned off. I would reboot and get the same problem 90% of the time. I reformatted my computer and i still get this problem. I have updated to make sure i have the most up to date version of the software. Does anyone know how to make sure that McAfee does not turn off. I also get a message saying that Windows firewall is turned off. I turn it back on and it turns right back off after a while. This happens, again, 90% of the time; every once in a while windows firewall stays on. This never happened to me before.

well it happened to me too but dont worry it aint the c that has the problem it is the mcafee antivirus i had the total protection 2007 and it just made my pc slower and worse everyday and i did have firewall's with it and stuff but all i did was ninstalling mcafee and brought 3 seperate ant-1-virus-spyware-adware and a seperate firewall i did all that and the pc worked absoloutly great :) anyhow if all that doesnt work then u got another option that i did to my bro's pc i made the same stuff i did to my self but it didnt work for him so i uninstalled it all and downloaded the windowsliveonecare demo beta2.0 and cracked it from annonymous sources loool just kiddin i bought it and it worked out fine for him just suggestin ok the windowliveoncare contains them all antvirus spyware adware protection and a firewall it is trustable unlike my seperate programs anyhow hope this info helped you :)