i'm going off line while this thing continues to start up. thanks for all your help. I'll let you know tomorrow if it worked.

ok Hope it works for ya

It can take quite a while. If it does load successfully, try the Rescue option (instead of starting a new installation) and see if can automatically detect and repair the installation on your drive.

Hey- what do you two think is, a real-time chat room?! :mrgreen:

lol, im trying to kill time im actually at work right now doing High-speed internet access tech support, and it is SLOOOOWWW

above didn't work. inserted disc, xp starting loading, got as far as starting windows, and sat all nite in that state.

Following a request by tryit, I've had a good read through this topic.

I'd suggest you donload and refer to the 'Support and Troubleshooting Guide' for your laptop. In particular, read carefully the comments about setting Boot order of devices.

A particular point from that guide:

If there is an exclamation mark (!) showing to the left of the hard drive's entry in BIOS setup, that will mean the drive is disabled. Clear the mark to enable the drive.

But reading through the topic, I have to suspect that the hard drive is no longer functional. I'd suggest you get a technician to look at the laptop to confirm this, and if so replace the hard drive.

You'll find the device drivers for the laptop at IBM's download section.

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