Hi all!

I have this problem; When i turn on my laptop with win 2000, it loads everything except "explorer" i can see only my wallpaper, and then starts to heating up very fast. To solve temporarily this problem, i run ctrl+alt+del to open "task manager" and i close "explorer" with very high "pid" and a 90% cpu usage, when i close the "explorer" the laptop cools off. Then in the "task manager" i manually run "explorer" and loads everything normally, but i can only start "explorer" when i close the one with high "pid" and start a new one manually. This is frustrating, i all ready ran (spybot) among other thins and nothing helps, i have norton installed. Could you help me solve this? I prefer to make the "re-install" thing the last thing.

Thank you in advance

Please try these simple steps

Step1: Try to boot the machine in safe mode and see if the explorer still takes more CPU.

Step2: If step one does not spike the CPU then you can run msconfig and disable all the third party services and startup items and do a step by step exclusion process.

Step3: If both does not resolve the issue then try to use the "Last known good configuration" in your boot options.