Is it possible to recover data after a drive has been overwritten? In trying to solve a blue screen problem, I accidentally formatted the partition where I keep all of My Documents. (This is a computer I built and I'm pretty new to being my own tech person.) For whatever reason, I didn't even thing about data recovery and then overwrote that partition with files from another partition.

Is there any of my old data left, or any service that could get to that data?

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ok here is the deal for you.

I personally did the same mistake when i was just a beginner 10 years back. You have two options now.
- If the data has not been written then your chances or getting the data is around 90% with the regular data recovery process.

- But if your data is real critical and can afford, there is an expensive and long process
called "Molecular" recovery which might take 4- 6 months.

Let me know if you want more info on this.


The chances of recovering overwritten data is almost nill. Contact some professional data recovery services like Disk Doctor labs Inc. They helped me recover my crashed drive. See if they can help you recover atleast the data that is not overwritten.


You can use such recovery utilities as:
They allows to recover data even after formatting.

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