I am new to sharepoint, we currently run sharepoint portal 2003 and sharepoint service 2. This portal site has been up and running for quite some time. I was recently hired and tasked with getting it going, and here is my issue. Everyone in the company on the network and through the VPN can access "http://companysite" except one computer. He has been added as a user has all the proper rights etc. I have done research on the web can't find a clue as to what would be wrong. Any ideas?? anyone! We run server 2003 and XP on all machine as well.


it is totally configured up and running we use it, we just have 1 host that cannot access the company intranet site.

thanks for the link.

here is an update. I do think it has to do with DNS. If i go to the ip address and not the name it works fine.

i will post solution when i figure it out.