My computer is currently running on Microsoft 2000 Professional (upgrading to XP ASAP), its a Pentium 4.. & I don't know much else about it.. (sorry not very technical, I know)

About 48 hours ago, my itunes and Windows Media Player started to load audio files, but when you pressed "play" it will stay at 0:00 and not move no matter how long you wait. The same applies for Video and Audio/Video online. I have volume because I can still hear my system sounds, but audio and video won't play.

I have no viruses and haven't changed anything on my PC recently. I simply turned it on again after using it the previous night and I have no audio.

I tried uninstalling Itunes but when I realised I was having the same problem online I realised it was probably a bigger problem..

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

is this a stupid question or a currently unsolveable one?

I'm kinda ready to sell my kidney or have someone baby or something to fix it. I work in music so no audio on my PC pretty much puts all my weekend work at a halt...