Sys. HP running XP\SP2
My computer program stops responding on certain programs, one being formatting a hard drive or when I put in a disc in the CD writer. Replaced the orginal cd writer with a cd\dvd writer and the darn thing would read a blank disc as being full or non-writiable. It wouldn't even show a formatt command in the window of actions.
Put the old cd back in the unit and it still ain't acting right. In trouble shooting system I found that the Intel(r) 82801DB LPC interface controller has no driver installed, went to Intel site and looked for this device with no results.
Hp has been as useless as tits on a bore hog in helping me with problem, what with trying to talk to someone in India who halfa-- understands southern english( g-d knows I can't understand them half the time). Can anyone here help me with this?

I'm sure that my halfa--ed understanding of your language (since you do own the English language) has led me to misunderstand your problem, and since I don't want to lead you down the wrong path with a misdiagnosis, I won't be helping you today.

Even if I could overcome my misunderstandings about your problem (you know, with my 10+ years of experience in the IT field, multiple CompTIA and MSFT certifications, graduate degree, etc), I absolutely would not want to offend you with my poor English (although my Caucasian wife, who just happens to be a higher education English teacher, tells me that my English is better than 99% of people she has ever known.)

Have a nice day, and don't forget to tip Habib the cabbie (who's probably sending his daughter to medical school so she can perform brain surgery on people who share lineage with your dumb redneck pedigree.)