hello. i just got a new sony vaio with vista on it today, and for some reason, when i visit websites pictures aren't showing up. its mainly pictures that people have uploaded to a photobucket account. can anyone help me. or did anyone else have this problem. thanks.

usually i would believe it was because the pictures have been deleted, but some of them are my own, and they are still in my photobucket account! PLEASE HELP!

Are you looking at actual embedded images or could the website possibly use flash to display them? Send me a link to a few pages you cant view images on and ill have a look

yer sounds like you need to run update and maybe download adobe flash player! see if that works!

okay just recently my computers started doing the same thing. it seems that i cant access photobucket albums and i also cant see any images uploaded to forums that are using photobucket as the host

its driving me nuts. ive tried 3 different computers all using windows vista and its not letting me view the images. its been like this for 2 days now. there arent any updates to install

anyone have any advice?