ok in the computer listed in my profile i need help with it. here goes nothing. i try to turn on my computer. doesnt work. it just starts for a few half seconds then shuts off.. i try to put different memory in it same thing happens.. no go..i try to start it again and it starts.. but 2 1/2 minutes it shuts down immediatly.. must not be the memory.. so i take it all apart and hose it down with a few cans of air.. still no go.. i try to start it again after a few tries it starts and shuts down after about 2 1/2 minutes. i switch the hard drives just to see if i get the error for not having a operating system.. no go.. here to say... the operating system i have yet to put on it.. which will be windows sbs 2003. when it did startup it did allow normal startup proceedure and beep when system checks are ok like normal. it showed screen. it went to boot screen on install disc.. just moments to spare it shuts down.. hmmm.. what did i do wrong? hardware or software. im open to anything at this point... thanks

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sounds more like cpu overheating ,most power supply problem ive seen it will not start or just enough to runs fans but not boot all the way ,but not shut off .
howabout supplying the stats of you computer ,like CPU,Ram ect ect


this may seem weird but, i disconnected my 250 gig hard drive and then hoopla it never did it again.. its on right now as a matter of fact.. never thought i'd have to invest into hard drive fans.. now i will.. although i lost all that information on the drive.. sucks.. but oh well .. :) :confused: :sad:

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