We have a win2k machine in our quality lab here at work and we cannot boot it up because we get the error message in the subject line of this post. I have already looked all over the microsoft site and made the 6 windows xp boot floppies and then ran the win2k registry repair program to make disk 6 capable of repairing a win2k machine, but that didn't work. It told me that the repair failed and to contact microsoft customer support. The problem we are having is we cannot find the win2k disc, so does anyone have any suggestions for a plan b? Thank you so much!

you will have to find the win2k disk as you will need it to fix you problem ,you win2k is corrupt and will need to be either reinstalled or repaired .and you need the install disk to do so .Plan B=I suggest you remove the drive to another computer as a slave and save any important data if any on it .then replace it to your computer and reload win2k.
how to use win2k recovery consol.

This describes what needs to be done to fix your problem in winxp ,similar whould have to be done in win2k