This seems particularly strange to me, because I have just completed this process on 2 other machines, without any problems. (I am getting old PC's ready to be used at my work, to be used only for web browsing, and as a telnet client)

I just installed Win98SE on an old PC. I got it all up to date using the "sp2" pack available at first, and then going to the update site for remaining updates. I also installed and updated DirectX 9c - IE6 - and MP9. I did not install .net.

I installed VNC server, Firefox, Winrar, PuTTY, and ClamWin.

For all of this, I hadn't changed any network settings, and was just using DHCP. The last thing I did, was to change the network settings. I removed Client for Microsoft networks, and set a static IP Address/Gateway/DNS. And ofcourse windows restarted after I was done. And now it won't boot. The bootlog stops after "Starting TCP/IP"

I can boot into safe mode, which I did, and set the network setting back to how they were before, and restarted, and am still getting same results.

Does anybody have any ideas of what could cause this, and how I can fix it, without starting from scratch?