I was recently brought on board at a car dealership that was sold a few months ago. The previous IT staff used biometric fingerprint scanners from digital persona. We are not using them, but the install program modified the graphical part of the logon screen. It now has the logo of the previous owner as well as a picture of his main dealership. I do not need to change the funtionalty of how the GINA handles it's data, just the graphical file that it calls. We would like to go back to the MS default or possibly use our own logo instead.

You could try and put in a different picture and rename the file to what it was. I suspect you might need to ensure that the replacement has the same pixel dimension as the original.

You haven't really provided much information as to exactly what this image is so that's the best I can offer.

If you are using Windows XP then you need to remove additional parametres from its boot file. Please Provide OS Information.