g'day guys

i'm running xp x64 (trial ed.) on M2N-SLI deluxe board, 2gb G-skill ram, 2x nvidia 8600gt GPUs and 64 6000+ athlon chip.

my problem is..... everytime i enter windows i have critical error problems and
every now and again the system will bring up the good old BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH and do a memory dump, i've looked everywhere to see if there is compability problems with my setup but i can't find anything

can you guys help me as its driving me up the wall and i'm ready to chuck this machine in the bin,


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I had the same problem when trying to Install Vista Ultimate x64. My system is EVGA 680i LT Motherboard, 4gb Corsair XMS (PC6400), Core 2 Duo E6600, Geforce 8800GTX.

I could install Vista initially, but upon reboot I would get the blue screen with the message IRQL more or less not equal. Figuring it was a memory issue I pulled 2 of my 1gb sticks of memory out and reinstalled vista again. It then proceeded to install without a hitch.

Thinking that the memory was bad I got it replaced put it in and had no problems, that is until I reinstalled Vista again. I got the same blue screen and error message. So again I pulled out 2gb of memory and it installed fine. After setup was complete I put the memory back in and have no problems.

Not sure if my experience helps at all, but maybe it will for someone else. Goodluck getting it figured out.

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