So i decided to reformat my computer the other day and everything went better than expected but i ran into a few problems that I could use some help on.

  • Asked to choose Operating System at startup(both are the same, only one does not work)
  • Plug and Play is not working- Tried using a printer that was recognized before reformatting and it isn't now

If i need to redo the formatting that is fine, just let me know where i went wrong.
The System i am on is a Dimension E521 with Winows Xp Media Center 2005.
I also think some of the problems came from several absent drivers on my drivers DVD ranging from the network card controller, to SM Bus Controller, to Video and Audio Drivers

Thanks in advance

ok if u get 2 choices as operating system when you start the pc
1 the hdd was not formated properly. this mean you are just using a partition on the hdd for the operating system you just installed.

2 the new operting system reciognized the devices attached, but they need drivers.

3 your printer was not recognized becaused the usb port is probable disable in the bios. (were these on the front or rear of the pc)

run fdisk on the hdd look at the partitions, delete the partitions to make them one. reinstall xp. enable the usb hubs fron the bios. install drivers for all items that are listed under device manager.

let us know how this pan out