I have the latest version of WMP, but a few weeks ago, it started failing to get pass the "writing to CD" step of burning. Once all the song titles are analyzed and pending, it will try to burn the first track only to freeze midway and then finalize the entire CD. I then get a popup telling me that WMP couldn't burn CD, try a different CD-R, etc.

However, when I use the program Record Now! which came with my system, I have no problem at all burning a CD. So I know the burner is fine. I prefer WMP over Record Now simply because it's easier to use.

Should I uninstall WMP and reinstall? Or is there another remedy? Thanks!


HP Pavillion a300n
2.6 ghz
760 RAM

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how much space is available on the HDD?
check the configuration for WMP , make sure it's not set to digital recording?if it has the feature to enable atapi drivers, check for this in the cd bruner tab.


The same thing has just now afflicted WMP on both my work computer and home computer. I was trying to burn a CD-R at work and WMP stopped after actually burning the disc halfway (and ruining the disc) saying it couldn't continue and that I should try a different brand or make sure the disc was clean. These are Memorex CD-Rs and I've burned dozens of these for work time and time again without issue. I tried again, and the same thing happened.

Meanwhile, back at home, my wife was trying to burn some family snapshots onto CD-R. The same process repeated with her to the letter. This WMP breakdown happened within a day of each other. Have there been recent program upgrades, or perhaps a virus turning up (I ran a virus scan, but nothing turned up)? Burning progresses normally via alternative programs, but the way my systems are set up, those are a hassle to use. I don't share software between the systems, and only occasionally transfer files via USB memory--which is automatically scanned with viral detection software (all up to date).

Anyone have an idea?


What did you just install that runs all the time?

When you burn CDs, you should have no other programs running. Close all other open windows, and turn off reminder alarms.

The only things in your system tray should be your virus checker and maybe a printer driver. If you have many programs self-starting when you boot, your CD burn will be interrupted and ruined.

Make sure your taskbar is empty too, except for the burning software.

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