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Whenever we try to copy a temporary file (present in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp) which is curently being used by some other progeam. Say, I am watching a trailer online and a corresponding file is created in temp folder. I want to copy and later use that file. Butr when i try to copy it, a message pops that
"Sharing violation. source or destination file may be in use"
The moment i close the explorer window it gets automatically deleted.

can anyone help in this regards

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I tried it a while back and was able to copy it. But my online streaming files were in Tem Inernet Files folder if i remember correctly. Try this.
When you are playing the stuff from website then let it play and open internet options. In Temporary Internet Files box click Settings and go to View Files. From there you should be able to copy. Not sure if you have been using the same method already but that does let you copy the file.

But then again most of streaming media is streamed along side a codec which decrypts the encrypted media data. So even if you copy the file succeccfully there might be a case that you may not have the right codec to either uncompress or decrypt the file through your player.

Give it a go and let us know how far u get to.


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