Ok. So I have a Belkin G Router and I want to know how to get to the settings, I already googled and no I could not find anything helpful.
I have heard though that to get to settings you have to type the router's IP address (or was it the computer's?) into the website bar on mah browser. But I think the router has to be directly connected to the computer to do that. Any suggestions?

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If the router is not connected to the pc, you will not be able to access it. You need to put the IP address of the router into the browser address bar.My Belkin address is


In order to connect to the configuration page, your computer must be going directly through the router via either wireless lan or ethernet.

Once you're connected to your router, you'll be able to navigate to your router's IP address. (CMD > ipconfig - locate 'default gateway'. The address here is the IP of your router)

Belkin routers usually display a login page, unless you've set a passwork leave the box blank.


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