Okay, here's the layout.

BellSouth DSL to Westell C90-610030-06 DSL router.

From Westell Router:

1) Cat 5 to Linksys BEFSR81 Ver. 3 Router
2) USB line to Dell PowerEdge server

The Dell server works fine with the internet. I have a network connection running inside the house to a Mac. What sort of configuration do I need to get the Mac online? I have an ethernet connection between the Linsksys router and the Mac. I'm thinking either TCP/IP or PPP, but know nothing more than the names of these protocols.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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A more complete network diagram would be useful. Feel free to draw something, and make it an attachment to your question.

Macs will understand TCP/IP just like Unix and Windoze. It is a universal standard on how the protocol is designed and implemented. If your Dell computer will use the internet via DHCP (perhaps), the Mac can be told to use the same system, and it will work.


I did set it up on DHCP, but the BellSouth wizard still wants to use a dial up number to connect to the internet. I'll draw up the layout right now. Thanks.

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